PCLS logo National Summer Steamup, Sacramento, July 27-29, 2001

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Geoff Spencely poses in front of his Aster.

Melinda and Richard Murray chat with Curt Hoffman about his Catatonk Shay.

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Bill Baxley fills his K-4 with butane, while Duc Nghyen looks on.

Duc Nghyen and Sam DiMaggio work on Duc's engine.

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Jim Reyer works on his version of the Denver Garden Railway Society's project locomotive.

Richard Finlayson monitors the progress of his Sammie as it pulls a rake of tipple cars; Dan Pantages seems nonplussed by the whole affair.

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Deb Smith reads the instructions on her new Steamlines Shay.

Al Holstadt examines a tipple car from Finlayson's consist.

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Jim Reyer listens intently as Clark Lord explains a fine point.

Grover Cleveland adjusts his Forney.

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"It's the water," say Sonny Wizelman and Darryl "Stretch" Manly -- but perhaps they weren't talking about distilled steam water.

Norm Saley and Jack Verducci discuss the finer points of live steam.

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Steve Shyvers and Jon Bloom work on Bloom's engine.

It appears that neither Mike O'Roarke or Chuck Sanfilippo are happy with the photographer.

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Saturday night BBQ's chow line.

"I see you," says Charlie Lix, as he eats Saturday night dinner.

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Mike Martin announces another doorprize winner; Jim McDavid's back is to the camera and Keith Holman's daughters are passing out the prizes.

An old-fashioned melodrama is performed. Clockwise from kneeling (don't ask) is Kevin Schindler, Tom King, Mike O'Roarke, Richard Finlayson and Tony Dixon (back to camera); behind Finlayson is Reg Stocking.

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Mike O'Roarke, lower right, is the announcer of the melodrama, and Tom King, Tony Dixon, Reg Stocking, Richard Finlayson and Charlie Lix are merely players.

The audience provides the melodrama players with rapt attention.


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