Small-scale live steam on the West Coast

The Pacific Coast Live Steamers (PCLS) is an ad-hoc group of totally unorganized people who like to run small-scale live steam engines on 45mm or 32mm track.

PCLS has two main activities:

  • Irregularly scheduled steamups at members' homes.
  • Maintenance of three portable tracks (the first is a 38-foot-by-23-foot layout with two loops, dual-gauged on the inner loop; the second is 50-by-30, with two loops, and the third is 10-by-8, with two loops, dual-gauged on the inner loop).

The group has passed the heavy lifting on the National Summer Steamup (formerly the National Spring Steamup) along to a slightly more organized bunch of folks.

PCLS is a club without rules, without dues and without officers. Members pull together to achieve goals -- the biggest of which is to run as many toy train steam engines as possible as frequently as possible.

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